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Innovation in needle tip tracking technology

The use of Ultra Sound to guide regional anaesthesia blocks has only been around for less than 26 years. Compared to the length of time Anaesthesia has existed as a profession, this makes the technique still relatively new.

Whether a regular user of ultrasound or a first time trainee, its important to be able to locate the needle tip throughout the procedure.

Xperius OnVision, produced as a B. Braun/Philips Collaboration, is our latest innovation for peripheral nerve block procedures, tracking the tip of the needle electronically and highlighting this on screen with a ring.

Dedicated Onvision needles produced exclusively by B. Braun have ultrasound receiving crystals in the tip of the needle, making needle tip tracking possible up to a depth of up to 12cm.

B. Braun has demo machines available to try in your hospital.

Why not contact us today to discuss the future of needle tip visibility?

The future’s bright!

Email us today on:

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