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NRFit availability with B. Braun?

The introduction of NRFit into the UK market came as a result of three high-profile patient deaths due to the wrong route administration of medication. These related to the incorrect connection between neuraxial connectors and IV lines. As a result hospitals and in some cases doctors linked to the event admitted liability resulting in large fines and even jail sentences.

The obvious need for a new connector to distinguish between IV and neuraxial was highlighted, ensuring this didn’t continue to happen. Following the first iteration of a safety connector, created by industry, the development of NRFit, as an ISO standard across the world, was the final solution.

The ISO Standard for neuraxial connectors (NRFit) was launched into the UK market in 2016 to help reduce the risk of miss-connections for future patients.

However, there is still some confusion in the marketplace as to what is available for NHS Trusts and Private hospitals to buy. Some trusts have even stated they are still ‘waiting for a full range of NRFIT products to be available from their current supplier, 5 years after NRFIT was launched to the market. As such these hospitals are currently not compliant with this internationally recognised safety standard.

You don’t have to wait any longer! B Braun has available and in stock a comprehensive range of Spinal, Peripheral Nerve Block and Epidural needles, consumables, and accessories to help make your hospital NRFIT Compliant.

If non-compliance with NRFIT is still on your hospital’s risk assessment, please get in contact and we would be more than willing to discuss your options further.

So, what are you waiting for?

Email us today on:

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