RA-UK 2020 Annual Scientific Meeting Speaker Spotlight - Dr Tim Moll

Dr Tim Moll is a consultant anaesthetist and major trauma consultant at the Northern General Hospital - the South Yorkshire major trauma centre.

His interests include:


He is the Chief Medical Officer of Cadwell Park Racing Circuit having worked there for over 20 years. He is also part of the team at Formula One, World Rally GB and the British Motorcycle Grand Prix. He is now a member of the new Motorsport UK Medical Advisory Group.


For several years has been the deputy Crowd Doctor for Sheffield United Football Club. Since working there they have been promoted to the Premier league - draw your own conclusions….


He has an interest in all phases of trauma care and is fortunate to be able to:

• Manage patients “in the field” when working as part of the medical team on the Yorkshire Air Ambulance Critical Care Team

• Anaesthetise trauma patients as a trauma anaesthetist

• Help co-ordinate ongoing trauma patient care in his role as Major Trauma Consultant

Regional Anaesthesia

After initially declaring ultrasound a fad, Tim is now fascinated by USGRA and it’s many possibilities for allowing awake surgery! He is lucky enough to work with some great (and patient) surgeons on upper limb, lower limb and trauma lists where he is essentially paid for doing his hobby!

More recently he’s been helping set up the fledgling Yorkshire Society for Regional Anaesthesia (YSORA) and spoke at their inaugural ASM.


A keen teacher he recently undertook a PG Cert Ed to help convey his regional anaesthesia knowledge and skills to trainees. He has created and taught on many block courses both locally and nationally.

He is:

• sign-off trainer for regional anaesthesia

• lead for the Advanced Module in RA

• FRCA final course speaker

• speaker at local, regional and national events including AAGBI, London Trauma Conference and RCOA meetings

More recently he has become part of the team that delivers the University of East Anglia Regional Anaesthesia MSc.

Rest & Relaxation

Usual hobbies include riding motorcycles (responsibly) around the beautiful Peak District surroundings.

To stimulate mind and body (fulfilling a New Years resolution) he is currently learning German via Duolingo, using the rowing machine in his garage and having archery lessons!

Dr Tim Moll will be speaking at the RA-UK 2020 ASM!

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