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RA-UK & ISURA 2022 - Joint Scientific Meeting Speaker Spotlight - Dr Carla Stecco

Orthopedic Surgeon, Professor of Human Anatomy and Movement Sciences at the University of Padova. Founder Member of the Fascial Manipulation Association and of the Fascial Research Society. Member of the Italian Society of Anatomy and Histology and of the European Association of Clinical Anatomy. The scientific activity is devoted to the study of the anatomy of the human fasciae from a macroscopic, histologic and pathologic point of view. From 2000 she organizes and personally holds theoretical-practical courses about fascial anatomy and Fascial Manipulation technique both in Italy and in other countries. Author of more than 180 in extenso papers about the fascial anatomy, 170 indexed in Pubmed. Author of various books about the Fascial Manipulation (Piccin ed), translated in 11 languages, and of the first photographic atlas about the human fasciae (2015, Elsevier ed.).

Dr Carla Stecco will be speaking at the RA-UK & ISURA 2022 Joint Scientific Meeting!

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