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Abstract POSTER guidelines

All authors of abstracts accepted for poster presentation are required to produce a poster to be displayed electronically on the RA-UK meeting app. This must be an Adobe Acrobat file (pdf). 

All delegates attending in person are also invited to produce a poster to display at the meeting. 


Posters should meet the following criteria 

  • All posters must be A0 (84.1 cm x 118.9 cm). 

  • All posters must be portrait 

  • Text size and font is at the discretion of the authors but text must be clear and legible 

  • Colour is recommended, particularly for imagery 

  • All posters must have the title at the top, in bold. 

  • Authors must be clearly shown 


Electronic submissions should be emailed to by Friday 28th April please. 

The author can bring a pre-printed poster to the conference, or you can have a fabric poster printed by visiting please ensure plenty of time for postage and print – allowing for the bank holidays.  


Please try and be available during the session breaks to answer any questions that attendees reviewing your poster on the boards may wish to ask, and check and respond to any comments/questions left on-line regarding your work. These may come from the reviewers! 

Additionally, if you have a Twitter account and would like to receive questions from the RA-UK ASM delegates regarding your poster, add your Twitter handle at the bottom of the poster. 


Presenting authors are invited to present to the reviewers at the following times, based on submission number, which can be found in your confirmation email. Presentations will take place beside your poster in the display area. Please note that the abstracts have already been marked. 


Day 1 (4th May) 

1030- 1100;- Submission numbers 2-11 

1300- 1330;- 12-21 

1330- 1400;- 22-31 

1530- 1600;- 32-41 

Day 2 (5th May) 

1030- 1100;- 42-51 

1300- 1330;- 52-61 

1330- 1400;- 62-71 

1530- 1600;- 72-83 


Finally, if you haven’t made a scientific poster before; 

  • Poster templates are widely available online. 

  • Use the same structure as the abstract submission. 

  • The text is not required to be the same as the abstract, but usually abstracts contain about the right amount of text for a scientific paper. 

  • Use colour and figures to supplement the text. 

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