Day 1 - Wednesday 5th May

expert Clinical Symposium

Please note any gaps in programme timings are to allow for transitions and Q&A's.

0900 - 0915

President's welcome

Dr Amit Pawa

1020 - 1050

In collaboration with BBraun
Spinal anaesthesia: What can be achieved

Dr Robbie Erskine

Dr Ben Fox

0915 - 1015

Clinical symposium: Regional anaesthesia for upper limb trauma (with a “through the eyes of a novice anaesthetist” perspective)

Sponsored by Intelligent Ultrasound


Chair: Dr Kim Russon

Dr Alan Macfarlane
Dr Eric Albrecht
Dr Lloyd Turbitt

1050 - 1110


1115 - 1225

Major Trauma Pocus
Sponsored by GE Healthcare


Chair: Dr Rosie Hogg

Dr Stephen Haskins
Dr Kariem El-Boghdadly

Dr Jonny Wilkinson

Dr Chris Yap

1230 - 1315


1315 - 1415

Clinical symposium: Elective lower limb surgery

Chair: Dr Dave Johnston

Dr Ed Mariano
Dr Tony Allan

Dr Athmaja Thottungal

1415 - 1430


1430 - 1515

Clinical symposium: Spinal + Paraspinal

Chair: Dr Maria Sebastian
Dr Amit Pawa
Dr Ki Jinn Chin

Dr Kariem El-Boghdadly

1520 - 1605

Clinical symposium: Advances in hip analgesia

Chair: Dr Kariem El-Boghdadly

Dr Ed Mariano
Dr Ki Jinn Chin

Dr Athmaja Thottungal