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RA-UK & ISURA 2022 - Joint Scientific Meeting Speaker Spotlight - Dr Sim West

Dr Sim West is a consultant anaesthetist at UCLH. He graduated from Sheffield in 2000, and completed his training in anaesthesia in North London, spending a year as the Smiths Medical Innovation Fellow. He was appointed to UCLH in 2013 and is lead for regional and the orthopaedic hub.

He has a research interest in improving visualisation of needles/catheters and nerves, publishing extensively on this and other topics, his lab is part of the new Wellcome/EPSRC Centre for Interventional and Surgical Sciences at UCL.

He was elected to the board of RA-UK in 2017 and is their webmaster.

Dr Sim West will be speaking at the RA-UK & ISURA 2022 Joint Scientific Meeting!

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