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RA-UK & ISURA 2022 - Joint Scientific Meeting Speaker Spotlight - Dr Athmaja Thottungal

Dr Athmaja Thottungal is a Consultant Anaesthetist with special interest in Regional Anaesthesia, Pain Medicine and is also a certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician.

• She is an Internationally renowned educator in Regional anaesthesia and Pain medicine.

• Faculty and examiner of various national and international governing bodies, fellowship and certification programmes.

• An innovator and thought leader in holistic pain management, anaesthesia and palliative care. Winner of multiple awards for presentations, research, leadership and academic achievement.

• A firm believer and practitioner of holistic approach to healthcare and wellbeing.

• Avid practitioner of lifestyle and preventive medicine for personal, professional and organisational wellbeing.

• Active member of the community, with external interests spanning a range of charitable and value-focused initiatives.

• Author and co-author of many chapters in books and articles

Special interest includes ultrasound guided interventions for all types of pain management, neuromodulation and Medical education.

Dr Athmaja Thottungal will be speaking at the RA-UK & ISURA 2022 Joint Scientific Meeting!

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