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RA-UK & ISURA 2022 - Joint Scientific Meeting Speaker Spotlight - Mr Tom Quick

Tom is a peripheral nerve surgeon and clinical academic recognised internationally for his expertise.

Tom is an experienced clinical academic and fellowship trained peripheral neurosurgeon from an orthopaedic background. His practice is 50:50 paediatric and adults and encompasses all aspects of nerve injury treatment from primary intervention, to later reconstruction in the neonate, child, adolescent and adult.

He practices at the Cleveland Clinic London and the Peripheral Nerve Injury Unit at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital. He also holds honorary posts at Great Ormond Street Hospital and provides clinical expertise in nerve injury for the whole UK as well as Iceland. Tom has successfully treated and support rehabilitation of a wide range of professional sports men and women, internationals in rugby, cricket, football and horse racing

Mr Tom Quick will be speaking at the RA-UK & ISURA 2022 Joint Scientific Meeting!

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